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Sending and receiving documents using Qwipit is secure, fast and easy. You can log on to the Qwipit service from anywhere to send and receive files and manage your account. All files sent with Qwipit are protected with 128-bit encryption, so you can safely send sensitive files over the Internet. You pay a low monthly fee based on the number of users in your company, and you can add as many recipients and send as many files as you like!

How It Works

File Delivery Options

Regular Send

This delivery method allows you to easily send a file to any contact(s) in your Qwipit address book. Qwipit allows you to upload contacts from your email program, so no manual contact entry is required. Once someone is added as a Recipient, they can easily receive files from you and send files to you. For your convenience, you can create distribution lists that allow you to send a file to multiple people at once. Qwipit uses email notifications to alert Recipients of documents waiting for download.

Qwick Send & Qwick Receive

Need to send a file to (or receive a file from) someone, but don't need to add them as a permanent contact? No problem! With Qwick Send & Qwick Receive all you do is enter the other party's email address and assign them a password. They'll receive an email that will allow them to access the Qwipit service temporarily to either receive or send a file.